At last -- Help is here for men who want to be funny with women

Hi, I'm Ron Louis.

Men who try to make themselves more funny all make the same mistake.

And if you spend a few minutes with this letter right now, you'll never have to make that humiliating mistake again.

How do I know this? I know because I've been teaching men how to get what they want with women since before my best-selling book, "How to Succeed With Women," came out from Prentice-Hall Press in 1997.

And I've seen this mistake a lot... and you don't want to make it.

The mistake is this:

Men who try to make themselves funny try to become stand-up comedians for women.

Why men who do "Stand-up" comedy to impress women go home alone

Now, you might think that being a comedian for women is a good idea. If you learn comedy routines, and are able to spludge them out on whoever is around, you might actually get some laughs -- and isn't that what it takes to be successful with women?

Men do this because they've heard that the best way to seduce a woman is by being funny. After all, in every single study of what women want from men, women say that their top priority is a man who is funny. 

But the truth is, becoming a stand-up comedian for women's enjoyment is not the way to get her to want to be with you.

After all, if simply learning comedy routines was the way to a woman's heart, all the guys who know every line of every Monty Python sketch by heart would have every hot babe in the world going home with them.

There's got to be something more to it.

And there is.

Women want men who are fun
Trying to become a comedian in order to get women doesn't work because women want men who are funny but only if their being funny makes them fun.

And it's men who are able to be fun who are able to provide the excitement, enjoyment, and adventure that women are looking for.

You see...

If you are just being a comedian for women, you might get laughs, but...
  • You aren't creating a sense of relationship,

  • You're not giving the women the opportunity to "shine" and be funny herself,

  • You're not showing her that you are exciting to be around, and

  • You're not giving her any reason to get to know you better, or to want to spend time with you.
That's because it's possible to be funny without being fun.

(If you don't believe me, check out any comedian who is all about insulting the audience, or making them uncomfortable. They are funny, but they sure as heck don't provide a light, fun environment.)

You have to be funny if you want to be fun

We've designed our new "Comedy Mastery" course from the ground up to give you the skills you need to be funny so you can be that fun guy that women desire.

We did this by combining three big ideas:

Big idea #1: You have to understand the crucial skills of the stand-up comedian if you want to be funny with women.
Yes, I know I said that simply turning yourself into a stand-up comedian wasn't the way to get women. And that's true; it's not.

But at the same time, there are some critical skills that stand-up comedians have, that you must have if you are going to succeed by being funny with women.

We've distilled those key skills for you, so you don't have to figure it out for yourself.

We extensively interviewed professional comedians and stand-up comedy trainers, compared what they taught to what we know to work with women, and came up with the core "stand-up skill-set" you've got to have to succeed with women using humor.

And even more importantly, we've left out the stuff you don't need to know, and steered you clear of the stuff that's essential if you are doing stand-up on a stage, but suicide if you try to use it to be funny with women.

You'll discover...
  • The "Comedy Mastery" pyramid of Preparation, Practice, and Execution.

  • How to use "Stand-up Comic" skills to develop your individual comedy style.

  • The do's and don't's of pre-prepared "canned material." Where to get it, how to practice it, and where and when to use it and not use it with women.

  • Exactly how to use eye contact, movement and body language when you tell a joke. You can have the funniest material in the world, but if you don't deliver it properly, it will fall on its face.
Big idea #2: You have to understand the crucial skills of the Improv Comedian if you want to be funny with women.
Remember what I said about being funny in the service of being fun? Well, being able to "improv" with a woman is a critical part of being fun with her.

Now, if you've seen an improv comedy troupe perform, I want to tell you right away that what you'll do in this program is not like that.

You won't be "on the spot" the way improv performers are, with a huge crowd looking at you. And you won't need to create long, sustained improvised storylines, or play all sorts of characters at the drop of a hat.

(If you haven't seen an improv comedy troupe, don't worry.)

But, having said that, there are some great skills from improv comedy that will do a lot to help you be funny, and provide fun with women.

Once again, we've culled the things you need to know about improv comedy from the countless things that you don't, or that would even hurt your chances of succeeding with women, and we've put the thing you need to know into this program.

Learn how to banter with women to be funny and fun
However... there is one improv skill-set that separates the fun, funny guys from the heavy, boring guys... the ability to "banter" with a woman.

You've probably seen a funny guy banter with a woman. They joke back and forth, they make each other laugh, the man keeps things light, and they both are clearly having a great time.

You have to know how to banter if you are going to be successful using humor with women. And fortunately, we've done the work to make this mysterious skill totally down-to-earth, step by step, and learnable.

In Louis and Copeland's "Comedy Mastery" you'll discover
  • What banter is, and what it is not (hint: if you're not having fun, it's not banter).

  • The four-step process of the bantering interaction. You'll always know where you are in the interaction, and what to do next. Nice and simple.

  • Specific conversational skills for keeping things light and fun, no matter what she says or does.

  • How to weave serious topics into your banter.

  • How to approach a woman for the first time using "bantering humor," and how to keep that interaction going, whatever her response.

  • How to use "yes/and" to take what she gives you and bounce it back to her in a fun, playful way.

  • Using the canned joke, the hypothetical question, the pickup line, the creative misinterpretation, and more in your bantering interactions.

  • Plenty of examples, lines you can use, and guidance so you can actually use your new banter skills successfully.
Big idea #3: Skip the long, painful slog of "trial and error" and benefit from our 32 years of dating coaching experience.
Sure... You could learn standup comedy and improv comedy, then try to "work out for yourself" how it applies to being funny with women.


Between the two of us, David Copeland and I have a combined thirty-two years of experience coaching men in being successful with women. We've taken all this information about stand-up comedy and improv comedy and run it through those decades of experience. We've added the things we know to work, made sure you'll avoid the traps and pitfalls, and maked it all as step-by-step and reproducible as humanly possible. 

Those three reasons add up to "Comedy Mastery" being the best investment you can make to become fun and funny with women.

 How to be "bulletproof" with women using humor

The 3 big lies you've been told about being funny with women

Every strategy you need to be a guy who can be fun and funny with women

Listen to this audio course once... And you'll know more than 99% of guys out there who are trying to get women using humor.

But I bet you can't listen to it just once. There are so many layers that we teach that guys who are new to humor will discover how to start being fun and funny with women right away... and more advanced guys will pick up several dozen techniques and approaches they can immediately apply to their interactions with women to be more funny... and have more fun!

There are 11 audio modules of the core content of "Comedy Mastery":

Module #1: Introduction to Comedy Mastery: Why Being Funny Makes You Bulletproof in Attracting Women

Module #2: The Building Blocks of Humor and Finding Your Unique Comedic Style

Module #3: How to use and practice "canned" material, and why it is essential

Module #4: Types of Comedy and Comedians, Finding the Style that Suits you Best, and Introduction to the Comedy Pyramid

Module #5: How to Model and Study Comedians so you can Rapidly Master Comedy

Module #6: Mastering Telling Jokes, Do's and Don't's, Calibrating Humor to the Environment, Using One-Liners

Module #7: Using Improv Comedy Skills to Approach Women and Banter Successfully

Module #8: Approaching Women Using Hypotheticals, Using Pickup Lines with Humor, Situational Flirting, and Playing with Women

Module #9: Banter Mastery: How to Accept Anything a Woman Says and have Fun with it, Flow, How to Tease a Woman using Disqualifiers, Secrets of Sarcasm, Integrating Running Jokes, and Using Sexy Humor

Module #10: Integrating Humor in Conversations, Everything You Need to Tell Funny Stories, and Sustaining Conversations With Humor

Module #11: Telling Funny Stories Part 2, Closing the Deal with Playful Touch, Humorous Kinesthetic Escalation, and Conversational Gambits

Important Bonuses to Help Ensure Your Success

For the first time ever
we're selling Louis and Copeland's "Comedy Mastery" program with some special bonuses to practically ensure your success.

"Comedy Mastery" is a great course -- don't get me wrong. But David and I realized that we could add a few important bonuses that would "turbo-charge" the power of the entire course...

Important bonus number 1: Our "Comedy Research Source Material."

When we first began creating the "Comedy Mastery" program, we knew we'd want to combine the life-long skills of expert comedians with our world-class experience teaching men to succeed with women.

So we set about interviewing "world-class" comedians about being funny with women.

We made many, many hours of interviews as our "Comedy Research Source Material." And we've boiled it down to six-and-a-half hours for you.

Now, most so-called "seduction gurus" would have recorded those interviews, stuck them up on the internet, called that a product, and left you to figure out how to apply it, all by yourself.

(In fact, it's become a popular "product creation technique" -- interview a few people, stick it on the internet, and hope you can get people to pay you for it.)

The truth is, interviews like that can be valuable -- but only if they are in the context of a program like this one, where you are taken by the hand and walked, step-by-step, through actually applying what the interviewees talk about.

Otherwise it's like you bought a new house, and the builder just dumped all the materials for it on your lawn and said, "Here's your house -- have fun building it yourself."

In the "Comedy Mastery" program, we've "built the house" for you -- all you have to do is move into it. We've created the step-by-step program -- the 11 modules -- and left nothing to chance.

And, in that context, these "Source Material" interviews are incredibly valuable. It's like having the house handed to you, and being shown how to build it yourself.

Here are the "Source Material Interviews" you get:

Jordan Cooper. Jordan is an in-demand stand-up comedian and comedy instructor. You get 4 hours and 23 minutes of bonus interviews with him, where he spills everything about his comedy techniques and how they apply to being funny with women. Jordan is also generously letting us give you his ebook, "Breaking Into Standup Comedy," which will be yours to download with the course.

Jase Souder.
Jase teaches comedy to businesspeople in his popular courses. In a hard-hitting 1 hour and 18 minutes, Jase "gets to the core" of being funny, sharing his highest-value tips and tricks.

Nick Mortensen.
Nick is a very articulate, smart stand-up comedian and motivational speaker. In his hour-long interview, he gave up his best material on how any man can use humor with women. Not to be missed.

That's more than six and a half hours of valuable bonus "Source Material."

Thse interviews  are
not available anywhere else, and are only available as part of this program.

Important bonus number 2: Complete, edited transcripts in PDF and ePub formats

If we'd been looking for the "easy way" to just poop out a comedy course, it sure would have made making the "transcript" part of the program faster.

Anybody can give you a transcript of recorded material -- there are countless services online that will provide a complete transcript of whatever recording you send them... including all the "ums," all the distractions, and plenty of creative misspellings of words and names.

The problem is this: When you listen to a person actually talking, it can make perfect sense -- but when you read, word-for-word, every sound that came out of his mouth, it can be confusing.

That's even more true when the PDF transcript is 244 pages, like this one is.

That's why we've...
  • Cleaned up and edited the transcript. We spent the time and energy to make it usable, which will help you a lot and
  • Put it in both PDF and EPUB formats. You'll get the PDF version that you can print out, or read on your computer. But you'll also get a .ePub version, that you can load into a book reader like Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad and iPhone, Barnes and Noble's Nook reader, and countless other phones and devices.
If you have your ebook reader with you, you'll have your "Comedy Mastery" transcript, ready to serve you in being funny with women.

This complete transcript of the 11 modules of the course is important for those times when you just want to read through the material, or study a certain section more closely.

Important bonus number 3: Critical worksheets to help you along
While we try to keep things as simple as we can, sometimes a worksheet is just the thing you need to really get clear on the a technique or approach with women. We've included those worksheets with the "Comedy Mastery" program. 

Keeping it simple, so you get this FAST

You know, probably the main thing that men thank us for is our ability to take complex subjects and make them clear and simple. And that really is what we aim for. We don't just want to give you a lot of information; we want to give you information that you can use, no matter how busy your life is.

And that's why we focus on "one-thought thinking" with women.

"One thought thinking" with women is exactly what it sounds like. In any interaction with a woman, we don't want you trying to think about a zillion things.

When things get intense, or when you get nervous, you need one thought that you can go back to that will keep you focused on the right things, and get you back on the course to success.

I'm not going to give it away here, but I think you'll find the "one thought" of the "Comedy Mastery" program to be extremely helpful when you are actually interacting with women. It keeps you on track, so you can actually use the tools that you discover in this breakthrough course.

It's like your secret weapon... And I hope you use it well.

What to do next

We once had a marketing consultant who told me that this is the place in the sales letter where I'm supposed to compare the value of what you get in the program to what it would cost you if you bought that value somewhere else.

That makes sense, I suppose. I mean, if this isn't a great value -- and by that I mean, if it isn't at least 10x cheaper than you'd have to pay to really get all this information somewhere else, as "pre-digested," ready-to-learn, and step-by-step as this course is... Well, if what I've got here isn't at least 10 times cheaper than what you'd pay for all of that from somebody else, then I haven't done my job.

But the thing is, there really isn't anything for me to compare this to, because there really isn't anywhere else you can get this information at all.

Sure, you can take comedy classes, but that's not the same thing at all, because when you take a comedy class, you don't learn how to apply those skills to women. In fact, you'll probably end up a performer for women's approval, which is worse than if you didn't do anything at all.

Or you could go to "Seduction Boot Camp" weekends, and watch in awe as super-attractive, charismatic guys hit on women and maybe are funny. But that will literally and actually set you back thousands of dollars, and won't make you any better at being funny and fun with women.

You see, the whole reason we created this program is because this material is not available anywhere else for any price. The only thing I can tell you is that if you wanted to learn it from us, in person, in such complete detail and so competely step-by-step, you'd end up spending at least five thousand dollars with us to do it.

And in case you think I'm joking, or just making something up, please know this: We have had many clients who've paid us that much for coaching -- and have been happy with the investment. I'm not just pulling numbers out of my butt here. You literally would spend that much money with us to get this training live, "one on one," from us to you.

If you grab this program you won't have to pay us thousands for individual training... And you won't have to try to "piece" it together by devoting yourself to studying comedy on your own, and somehow catching up with our 32 years of dating coaching experience.

You can be one of the men who gets this all this today, downloaded to your computer in a matter of minutes, for just $147.

Once you grab your program you'll be able to download it in minutes, so you can get started right away. You can put the 11 audio modules interviews onto any mp3 player, or burn them to CD for easy listening wherever and whenever you want.

You'll also download the bonus worksheets, the bonus "source material" interviews, and the complete, cleaned-up and edited transcriptions in both .pdf and .ePub that you can print out, read on your computer, or read on your ebook reader (or even many smartphones!).

From there, it's easy... Just press play and start listening. Don't worry about it being a big deal. Don't worry about it being a lot to absorb. All you need to do is press play. We'll walk you through the rest, step by step, nice and easy, in the fun, easy-to-follow Louis and Copeland style you've enjoyed in our other products.

And please remember, that if you decide to try this, there is a full three month guarantee. We don't want you to have one of these copies if you don't want it. We really want to take all the risk for you.
Check the program out, and if it's "not for you," then that's no problem. We'll still be friends, everything will be fine.

I think you'll agree that is a lot of material.

But it all fits together into an incredibly usable, comprehensive, easy-to-use training course. You just have to hit "play" and we'll start filling you up with the comedy secrets.

As you can see, I'm not doing some big fancy push here. I've simply tried to explain this product clearly and completely, so you know what you are getting into when you grab your copy.

David and I are both excited to have you become a fun, funny guy that women love, and we're really excited to share this hard-won new material with you.

To your success,

Ron Louis

"This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those
under 18 years old."

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